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However you got to this site, you are here for a reason.  You are either already involved in Network Marketing or you are curious about Network Marketing and want to know more.

Often people don’t make it in Network Marketing because they have no way to market their product.  You have a fantastic product, but don’t have a whole lot of money to market the product.  Let’s face it; you can have the most brilliant diamond in the world, but if you don’t have anyone to market it to, you’ll never find anyone interested in acquiring that diamond.  Well the same principle holds with Network Marketing — you have to find the people that are interested in your product.

Picking the Right Product to Market.

One of the first keys to success is picking a product that you want to use on a daily basis or that you already use on a daily basis and then sharing the product with your friends or loved ones.  That is the most important key to success that you pick a product that you will use.

I’ve Spoken With My Warm Market, Now What?

My following suggestion is so important in the success of your Network Marketing Business, this suggestion can’t be ignored.  In order to make it in Network Marketing, sign up with a person who has already discovered how to market themselves and make sure they are willing to invest their time in your success.

What do I mean by that?

There are so many ways to get noticed in marketing today.  The most obvious and most cost efficient way is to market on the internet.  I have dealt with the frustrations of signing up with teams that want you to “Work the System,” meaning talk to your friends and family, chase down strangers that are close enough to you to spark up conversation.  They swear the system works.  I’ve often felt like screaming at the top of my lungs and saying, “The system is working for you.  It doesn’t work for me.”

What, I’ve learned is that it really is important to sign up with a team that believes in investing in Internet Marketing training and one that shares the training with their team.

Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to Network Marketing, so you want to try out several different marketing methods and see which one works best for you.

So, to sum up my suggestion to you, before you sign up with anyone ask, “What investments have you made to ensure my success.”  Simple as that.

My Experience in Network Marketing.

I know what it is like to struggle in Network Marketing.  I have gone from company to company thinking that the it is the product that I am having a problem with marketing.  I need to find a product that I am more passionate about and then I will be successful.

I then found a company that I absolutely wanted to stay with.  Why?  I was very passionate about the product and equally impressed by the compensation plan.

I followed the training of my upline to the letter and yet still only got a few customers.  It was very discouraging to be putting so much effort into my business but not seeing any significant results. I did however learn a lot during that period, I was learning and growing as a person which I believe has helped me to reach the achievements that I now have.

Subsequently, that company has closed.  I then had to find a company that impressed me as much as the company I just left.  After doing my research, I learned about this particular company that was currently producing more financially independent people than any other Network Marketing company today.  The Compensation Structure was amazing.  I HAD TO JOIN!!

It was during my signing of this company that I would have the chance meeting that changed my life.  I learned how to market my product, and I learned that most successful marketers don’t achieve success by marketing to their warm market.

I wanted to know why it was that so many Network Marketing companies taught to find your customers through your warm market and through home parties and meeting if that doesn’t work for most people.  What I was told is that because that is the easiest method to teach.  Tell your mother what you have to offer because she will probably buy.  After all she is your mother.

I have learned how to marketing my product without too much struggling, and I gladly share all of what I learned with my team.  Of course, it takes money to make money.  But by sharing what I have invested in, I make it easy for my team to succeed with little out-of-pocket investment.

And I also learned that not everything works for everybody so I have invested in many different ways to grow your organization to help ensure your SUCCESS!


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